The Trouble with Suburbs: A Premortem

We’ve mentioned it before, but we’re currently in love with breaking functionality out of our monstrous core app into smaller, more manageable service apps. There’s still a lot going on in PipelineDeals City, but some nice suburbs are popping up that offer all sorts of amenities. (You simply can’t beat the freshness of the farmers' market in Calendar Sync Township. Starting to wish that’s how we actually named these things.) Life has been pretty great living on the outskirts. Domain knowledge is nicely contained and kept safe from the high crime rates and outrageous rents we were paying in the big city. But every now and then, we start to miss the convenience of what we once had. As crazy as it seems, it feels like life was simpler back then. But that just can’t be. I want to take a look at some of the problems we’re facing in this new world. We’ve overcome them all in temporary ways, but let’s ignore those solutions for now. Let’s figure out together how to make them better before we get lost for good. (These new towns always take forever to show up on the map.) »